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Mobile me-time
We created branded content aligned with the purpose of the Rituals products: me-time. We engineered high engagement and loyalty through relevant content that brought actual value to app users. With the Meditation Tapes and yoga videos, users can take a moment for themselves.

The app included a native shop from the start but the continuous creative process, with seasonal content and campaigns, helped raising the app engagement to an unprecedented level.
Millions of downloads worldwide.

Launched in 20+ different countries.

Daily digital brand engagement resulting in increased customer loyalty and spend.

Helped increase offline sales with the native stock-check feature.
Digital Gifting Made Personal

One of our first campaigns was to create a personal way of sending a digital gift card...with a video! This feature was included in the first version of the app.

Present Hunt

Since Rituals releases a lot of limited edition products, it is essential for customers to get a hold of products on time. With the brand insight that Rituals products are very popular as last-minute gifts, we created the native stock-check functionality. Users are able to check the stock of a specific product in either the nearest stores or a specific location of their choice.